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Organic Purify PHOOL MAKHANA | Premium Natural Dry Fruits | Fox Nut | Regular Lotus Seeds POP|Gorgon NUT Puffed KERNELS | Makhana

  • This is a 100% Organic Natural Vegetarian product.
  • Makhanas, also called fox nuts, or lotus seeds, come from a plant called Euryale Fox which grows in the stagnant water of wetlands or ponds in Eastern Asia. They have been used in Chinese medicine since 3000 years and find an important place in the science of Ayurveda too.
  • Makhana’s excellent property is that it is low on GI, so it will slowly and gradually release the energy levels to your body so that you remain energetic throughout the day.
  • Phool Makhana also finds significance in religious ceremonies in India and is a popular ‘fasting’ dish prepared during Navratri and other occasions
  • Popular as a fasting food, its health benefits are superior to those of dry fruits such as almonds and walnuts. Some of the health benefits of makhana are: It’s a good source of protein, carbohydrates, fibre,magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. High in fiber and low in calories, it enables weight loss.
  • It is extremely helpful in getting rid of diarrhea.
  • They are low in cholesterol, fat and sodium. This makes them an ideal snack to satiate those in-between meal hunger pangs.
  • Come’s in Pouch. NatureVit – #BringingWorldCloseToNature
  • Storage instructions: store in a cool, air tight and dry place


  • 1 Kg
  • 250 Gms
  • 500 Gms

Extracted from a native Asian water plant, Phool Makhana is a highly nutritious, fully organic non-cereal food, which is extensively grown in the stagnant water of wetlands, tanks, ponds lakes and ditches.

 Ingredients: Natural Makhana.

Nutrition Facts Per 100g: Calories 350 kcal, Protein 9.7 g, Carbohydrate 77 g, Moisture 12.8 g, Fat 0.1 g, Phosphorous 90 mg, Iron 1.4 mg.

Specialty Gluten Free, Suitable for Diabetics
Weight 250, 500 & 1 Kg Grams
Country of Origin India
Ingredient Type Vegetarian
Uses Nuts, Snacks, Kheer, Vegetable & Many more
Item Package Quantity 1
Form Solid
Manufacturing Natural Form

1 Kg, 250 Gms, 500 Gms


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