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Gas Safety Device

  • It is a Gas Safety Device, Gas Leakage
  • Product Liability Insurance Saves consumption of gas for 30%
  • Safety Never fair Auto cut off system 5Crore Available
  • Gas Type LPG
    Color Gunmetal & Bronze

4,500.00 2,100.00


Product Description

DIAMOND GAS SAFETY DEVICE (GSD) to our Indian market to be integral part of users’ daily lives.
Diamond Gas Safety Device introduce ourselves as Pioneer in supplying Safety device.
The device DIAMOND GAS SAFETY DEVICE is a Australian technology based Indian product for domestic LPG Cylinder.

The Diamond gas safety device, gas leakage detector, use for full home safety, auto cut off, gas leakage detector, use for full home safety, auto cut off, reduce 30 % Gas consumption – 3 year replaceable warranty,  Gas safety device 100% safety never fair auto cut off system 5 crore available with product liability insurance.

It saves consumption of Gas for 30%. Means if your LPG cylinder run for 30 days in your kitchen then by using this device cylinder will run up to 40 days.

25 Year life cycle and cut major hazardous leakages.

Warranty: As per Manufacturer Warranty




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