About Us

Company Info

we started our Journey in Business in the year 2015 with our first company Zinggen Infratech Pvt. Ltd. This company was into business of providing quality services in security and surveillance field. Over the years we have worked with many prominent and large companies. We were aprreciated for our quality and expertise in security surveillance system integration.

In 2018 Zinggen Esources Pvt. Ltdwas founded and we ventured into eCommerce industry with an aim to provide quality products online. We currently operate two major websites apart from selling products online on various market places. Our goal behind all our activities is to ensure quality, best pricing and maximum service.  The two ventures we are currently operating are – 

  • MasDeal 
    MasDeal is an online portal providing quality products from all over the world to Indian customers at a affordable price and best discounts. Through our website www.masdeal.com we intend to sell high quality products procured from reliable and reputed International manufacturers and suppliers. These products will offer high value for money and be very useful in day-to-day life. The product range available through MasDeal will be from Healthcare, Electronics and related categories.
  • Maalgoody 
    Maalgoody is a multi vendor marketplace created for providing local Indian businesses a platform to sell their products. The products and vendors on Maalgoody are of indigenous origin and of best quality. We aspire to become a leading portal providing the best products from local market available to India as well as other countries. The product range on MaalGoody will be from Handicraft, clothing, oils and such related categories with Indian specialty.

Vision & Mission

To provide a platform of high  growth to Local Indian Business, while providing Quality Products at affordable rates to consumers.